2 Hose Hookahs

The 2 hose hookah is the best way to enjoy the evening together. El-Badia presents its 2 hose hookah range for you to smoke in the best conditions.

Important : El-Badia presents in this category hookahs which can welcome up to 2 hoses. Please note these hookahs (except if specified) are not included with the hookah. It is thus possible for you to buy your hoses in the "hose" category of the website.

Your personalized multi-output hookah purchase

Once everything is setup, it's time for you to enjoy in duo your hookah! Following what suits you best, it's possible for you to choose between classic hoses or silicone hoses for your multi-output hookah. Whether you're searching for a luxury model, or a cheap one, you'll find what you want in our catalog!

The guarantee of quality for your 2 hose hookahs

Our 2 hose hookahs have the best quality: El-Badia has a strict selection process in order to give you what's best. Trust our experts, and buy you 2 hose hookahs.

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