GINI's GATOR Stainless shisha pipe

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GINI'S GATOR shisha pipe, 72cm, V2A stainless steel, equipped with the best technology


GINI's GATOR Stainless shisha pipe T.U, CLEAR
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A proposDu produit

The GINI'S GATOR Stainless shisha pipe is entirely made in Germany in V2A stainless steel and features particularly thick glass. Its weight is about 10kg, which makes it a particularly massive shisha pipe.

The GINI'S GATOR shisha pipe is equipped with the best technological innovations in the shisha pipe sector, such as an ingenious click closure system that works with compression springs mounted in each hose adapter and in the central closure, creating a perfectly hermetic seal. The base is equipped with a 360° rotation system thanks to the compression spring system.

The valve is located in the centre of the shisha pipe between the base and the stem, for releasing the smoke effectively via several openings surrounding the central section.

The GINI'S GATOR stainless shisha pipe can be fully disassembled which makes it easier to clean.

Total height: about 72cm
Vase diameter: about 30cm
Glass height: about 30cm
Material: V2A stainless steel
Made in Germany
4 hose adaptors (pneumatic click system)
4 hose adaptors (pneumatic click system)
Les caractéristiquesDu produit
Size72 cm
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
Fixingclick system
Otherdiffuser included, 360° rotation system, silicone hose connector included
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