WG3 Windguard 3.0

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The WG3 Windguard 3.0 is FUMO's ultimate innovation in terms of heat management systems


WG3 Windguard 3.0 T.U
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Designed by famous American brand FUMO, the WINGUARD 3.0 or WG3 is the latest innovation in terms of heat management systems. This brand new technology guarantees consistent heat distribution. The WG3 features a dual screen system to collect ashes and prevent them from falling into the bowl. There is no contact with molasses as you have to leave a 2 to 3mm gap between molasses and the WG3. The igniting time of the WG3 is between 3 to 6 minutes. It comes with a removable handle for easy handling. Please note that you must not touch the WG3 when it is ignited. Diametre: 8cm. The WG3 can be fitted on different types of bowls, notably the FUMO XL Glass Bowl or the FUMO Porcelain Bowl.

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