ARC: Modular heating system

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ARC: Modular heat management system, adaptable to bowls or closed systems


ARC: Modular heating system T.U
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ARC is the first modular heat management system for shisha pipes.

In fact, this particularly innovative heating system can be used with a shaft type system, e.g with a central opening for direct diffusion of the heat from charcoal via a stem that goes up to the ARC hood; but also with a closed system where the heat is relayed by the thermal conduction of the element’s metal.

To switch from one type of system to another simply change the lower ring it comes with.

In addition, the ARC heating system is compatible with both bowls for shaft heaters like BROHOOD, DRAGON, VOLKAN, etc. but also with all bowls that are compatible with heat management systems of the KALOUD, IGNIS, RAZOR type etc.

The ARC heating system has 3 slots for natural coconut charcoal, so you can insert 2 or 3 coals based on the amount of heating you want. You can use 25mm or 26mm-sided cubes.

With ARC you therefore have real freedom of use, for a really great shisha session.

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