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WD HOOKAH V2.0.A2 shisha pipe

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WD HOOKAH shisha pipe, 44 cm, stainless steel, glass vase.


WD HOOKAH V2.0.A2 shisha pipe T.U
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A proposDu produit

WD HOOKAH is a new German brand that has only recently started making shisha pipes and accessories. The brand immediately made a name for itself thanks to its quality products at very affordable prices.
The WD HOOKAH V2.0 A2 shisha pipe is a 44 cm stainless steel model. This shisha pipe has a plunger with an unscrewing diffuser, so you have the option of switching from a smooth, quiet draw to a more powerful draw, simply by removing the diffuser.
This medium shisha pipe also has a full base, so you can empty the smoke fully out of the vase. The body of the shisha pipe is attached to the vase by a threaded system. The vase is made of very thick glass and is therefore very tough.
The WD HOKAH v2.0 A2 shisha pipe has two hose outlets, so you can add a second hose. The connector itself is 18.8cm in diameter and can simply be inserted into the hose outlet for the perfect seal.
The stem of this compact shisha pipe has an 18.8 cut at the top of it so you can add a molasses catcher or any other accessory of the same diameter.
The WD HOOKAH V2.0 A2 also has a large steel ashtray, ideal for removing ash from the coals or for putting the heating system on.

Les caractéristiquesDu produit
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
Fixingwith screw system