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Since 1991 El-Badia has been one of the forerunners in the hookah European market. As a shisha wholesaler in Manchester, we provide a platform from where Shisha cafes, retailers and large shisha businesses can purchase an elite assortment of Shisha products and offer their customers good smoke quality. Our wholesale products range from natural shisha charcoal to instant lite charcoal, shisha pipes, a variety of Clay's heads, and hoses. We also work closely with top brands such as Mya and Kaya to offer you an extensive collection of premium quality shishas.



And for your customers who want to enjoy their shisha while on the go, you can browse through and shop for transportable E-Hookah, the E-Cig electronic cigarette, Starbuzz E-Hose product lines, and hookah pens which come in great flavours. We also stock all the accessories required to complete your shisha smoking experience. They include charcoal baskets, tongs, grommets, bowls, lighters, shisha carrying bags and more.

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Purchasing Shisha wholesale in Manchester through our website is fast, secure and easy and payments can be made using all major credit cards. Visit our site for a pleasant, seamless, and efficient shopping experience. And if you need any assistance, ideas, or special service, our customer service, and shisha specialists are always more than willing to assist you in ensuring you find precisely what you have in mind. We also offer promotional items, point of sale aids, and the latest market developments to our wholesale customers.