EL-BADIA Z6 Hookah

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EL-BADIA Z6 Hookah, 59cm, Stainless Steel, Soft Touch Silicone Hose, Click System, Hidden Purge and Reversible Diffuser


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EL-BADIA Z6 Hookah, 59cm, Stainless Steel, Soft Touch Silicone Hose, Click System, Hidden Purge and Reversible Diffuser

Discover the EL-BADIA Z6 Hookah: Excellence and Robustness for Connoisseurs

Prepare to redefine your hookah experience with the EL-BADIA Z6, an iconic creation from the renowned El-Badia brand, synonymous with quality and durability. Designed for both enthusiasts and professionals, the EL-BADIA Z6 combines advanced functionality and elegant style in an impressive 59 cm height, making it the undisputed star of hookah bars and lovers of high-quality large hookahs.

Professional Quality Manufacturing Made from stainless steel with a thick glass vase, the Z6 benefits from a solid construction and impeccable finish. Its click closure system with rivets not only simplifies assembly but also ensures perfect sealing and increased stability, guaranteeing long and uninterrupted sessions.

Exceptional Performance and Adaptability Equipped with a reversible diffuser with two possible settings, the EL-BADIA Z6 allows you to adjust the intensity of your draw according to your preferences: immersed holes for a smooth and light draw or blocked holes for a heavier and richer draw. Additionally, its hidden purge underneath the tray adds a refined aesthetic touch while being functional, dispersing smoke all around the column for a spectacular visual effect.

Unmatched Quality/Price Ratio The EL-BADIA Z6 also stands out for its excellent quality/price ratio. Accessible and affordable, it offers all enthusiasts the opportunity to own a professional-quality product without compromising on performance or design.

Accessories Included for a Complete Experience Each EL-BADIA Z6 comes with a set of high-quality accessories, including a 30 cm metal handle, a silver Soft Touch silicone hose, an anti-kink spring, and a stainless steel inbuilt connector. The bowl is not included, leaving you the freedom to choose the one that best meets your needs: QUASAR RAAS 2, or a Kaloud-compatible bowl such as the Zenith or Kalys bowl.

Opt for the EL-BADIA Z6 Hookah and turn each session into a celebration of quality and style. Perfect for hookah bars or home use by connoisseurs, the Z6 not only promises exceptional performance but also a prolonged lifespan, even with intensive use. Order now to benefit from fast delivery and discover the ultimate in hookahs on the market.

Note: Bowl not included.

Les caractéristiquesDu produit
Size59 cm
Bowlnot included
Hosesilicone & aluminum handle
Fixingclick system
Othersilicone hose connector included, diffuser included
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