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Electronic SLIM Hookah by French brand HOOKY, ease of use and optimal performance

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The SLIM electronic hookah by French brand HOOKY marks a new era in e-shisha. In addition to a slender and slim design, the HOOKY SLIM is equipped with a new contact system between the sparking mechanism and the battery, which gives it optimal reliability. HOOKY has redesigned the airflow on this hookah: the air intake is now placed on the top of the head, allowing for optimal air flow. The HOOKY SLIM features an automatic lighting system with protected pressure sensor. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions h 219mm / Ø 16.5mm Weight 63g Reservoir 3.5mL Power consumption ? 10mL / 480 puff autonomy, Battery life ? 1h30 Battery 1,300 mAh - IMR Li-ion Micro USB charger Packaging dimensions 45 x 250 x 45mm Packaging weight 210g

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