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Each WERKBUND Hookah is unique and comes with a clay vase and a wood and stainless steel stem
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The WERKBUND Hookah is a true work of art, each model is unique and handmade in Russia. Each WERKBUND Hookah has a unique code and comes with a clay vase that is strengthened from the inside to guarantee its impermeability. The clay keeps the water at a cooler temperature for longer than a glass vase. The stem of the hookah is in wood and reinforced by a stainless steel tube. Contains: 1 clay vase, 1 wooden and stainless steel stem, 1 clay tray, 1 silicone hose fully reinforced by a spring and fitted with a WERBUND wooden mouthpiece, 1 valve, bowl not provided. Made in RUSSIA. Size: each WERKBUND Hookah is unique, so sizes vary depending on the model: WA0542: 45cm, WA0525: 41cm, WA0531: 45cm.
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